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New Life, New Love, Who Knew

Today the gifts are wrapped...

I catch myself talking to my baby with more ease. It feels more real, now that my belly dances with the movement of each hiccup, turn, and kick. I love this little nugget. A nugget in which gender will not be known, until its known. Whatever gender this baby may be, it is changing my perspective second by second. How and when did this start?

It is December 23rd. I live in Rochester, New York with my husband, my mother, and a 28-week old baby in my belly. I've just hit the 3rd trimester and I can't help but feel upside down, with different emotions at each end, somehow keeping me in balance. If you told me last year this is where life would lead, I would have probably laughed it off. I guess the last laugh was not my own, rather, it was the laughter of mother earth, the universe, God, or whatever you feel controls more than you can see. It was that last laugh, that created my new beginning.

Unlike some blogs, the thoughts, experiences and moments I'll share, will not be in order. Nothing in my life has ever really felt linear, so I can't expect that in my writing. Instead, memories will show themselves along with future goals, all while keeping the present honest. This is my hope at least.

Presently, I'm upside down.

Christmas is in 2 days, the baby will be here in 3 months.

I'm scared, excited, hungry and happy.


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